• Jack Flash, Nubian buck goat

    Jack Flash – Registered Nubian Buck – SOLD

    We have been very pleased with Jack as a sire for foundation stock. Jack is a Nubian, and adds a bit of "flash" with his beautifully marked coat. Originally developed in England, the Nubian goat has traditionally been used as a dual purpose breed for both milk and meat.  We have retained many of Jack's daughters as our foundation does, and have approximately 12 daughters and 10 granddaughters from him. 

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  • Spanish Nubian goat for sale doe doeling

    Market and Dairy Does and Doelings – SOLD

    For your consideration we are offering a selection of Market and Dairy goat does and doelings.  Please note that these does are being sold in pairs.  If you are in need of a good breeding buck, consider the Nubian that is currently available.  If you purchase the buck along with any of these does we will take $50 off of his price.

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