Christmas Kids

My goodness! We had a bit of a surprise this morning… Well, TWO surprises, actually. The cold front that blew in yesterday brought us some harsh wind and sub-freezing temperatures last night. When we turned in, the temperature was 29 degrees, with a wind chill in the low twenties. Yikes! Not exactly what are used […]

The Good Shepherd

Sunday morning started out well enough, with sunshine, blue skies, and a nice Spring breeze. As we were working in the yard, I noticed that one of the goats was off by herself. Pinta certainly looked as though she was going into labor as she paced back and forth under the mesquite tree in the […]

Sugarplum Dairies

It was only about ten days after getting the two new girls settled in that Annie’s belly and udder had grown to enormous proportions and it was evident that she would soon be giving birth. I had a hunch on the morning that I helped JW load the two steers to take them to the […]