• Apple’s Twins ~ 2009

    We awoke in the night to a strange sound.  Strange, and yet...  oddly familiar. What is that noise? RAIN!!!  It DOES remember how to rain! And it kept raining until morning.  It has been well over a year since anything measurable has fallen, so it was exciting to look out and see water EVERYWHERE.  I'd say we got about four inches.  Of course, when it rains hard for longer than it takes the water to soak in it has to sit around somewhere!  Judging by the view from my office window, I'll be mucking wet hay and bedding out of the dairy goat shed.  Not my idea of fun, but I have to admit it's a great workout...  The companion exercise that goes along with it will be rebuilding the levy to redirect that downhill-rushing water past the shed.

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