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Nubian Doe in Milk – Registered Purebred – SOLD

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Rebecca-Creeks Leah is a lovely registered purebred Nubian doe from well-known bloodlines. Her grandsire was the 2004 District VI South Central Texas Goat Club Memorial Classic GRAND CHAMPION Senior Buck. I have owned this doe for three years, and she has kidded for me three times. I have retained one doe (born December 2008) and one buck (born February 2011) out of her offspring. She milks beautifully, and the divine taste reminds me of vanilla bean. She kids very easily and is an excellent mother and milker. She has beautiful teats for fast hand-milking, and you can see in her daughter that she passes this on. I do not use a milking stand, and she stands calmly to be milked with only a cotton lead rope and her bucket of feed. Leah kidded last on February 17, 2011, and is currently giving me 1 quart of milk each morning. I am milking just once a day, but she could certainly be milked twice. You could easily milk an extended lactation for her wonderfully creamy milk to drink and for making cheese. Alternatively, she has started to come into heat this Summer, and could be bred for winter kids. Please sign up for updates to contact us about Leah.                       Cream-of-Kansas’ EV Swave Cream-of-Kansas’ Suave Bear Cream-of-Kansas’ Beargivings sire line C&G’S West Wind SB Flurry ADGA# N1274871 D&M’s Royal Major Bull C&G’s West Wind Minnie Dot C&G’s West Wind Hazel’s Minnie Rebecca-Creeks Leah N1391955 (PB) March 5, 2006, Nubian doe Fairfolds Prairie Patch Manet Rebecca-Creeks Manet Play Rebecca-Creeks Flo dam line Rebecca-Creeks Manet Pearl ADGA# N1322540 Red-Half-Moon Dandy Snowflakes The Rebecca Creeks Black Pearl Easy Stream...

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Leah’s Twins ~ 2009

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Beautiful Leah had grown to her usual large proportions when her due date arrived on Monday.  As a cold front came in, I thought that we would have a repeat of last year’s chilly arrival.  I’ve heard that “a smart doe will wait for nice weather” so maybe that’s what Leah decided to do.  Then again, she could only hold on for so long, right?  Cold morning after cold morning this week I expected her to go at any time.    Finally, on day four she delivered a beautiful set of twins just before dawn with a forecast of sunshine and 60 degrees.  Nice weather, indeed!  Two beautiful bucklings, one bay roan and one blue roan – both wildly spotted and with white paint markings.  As a testament to Leah’s Purebred lineage, they also have the classic extra-long Nubian ears. Moon and Heidi are both showing a wonderful aptitude for mothering as they keep track of and feed their newly leaping and bounding kids.  That being said, I think that Leah has the most pure love for hers.  She is so attentive and talkative, and she simply beams with joy when they nuzzle up to her, or when I complement her on her job well-done.  It has been since August that I dried her off to allow her body to focus on growing kids, and I have missed milking her in the mornings.  Can it be only a year ago that I learned how for the first time?  I’m counting the days until I can start again in a couple of weeks.  I will always be the first to tell you that Annie is the #1 goat, but I’ll follow quickly by letting you know that Leah is #1 Milk Goat! While these little bundles grow through the winter, we’ll look forward as well to Spring when the main herd, as well as Annie and Star, will be expecting their kids.  I can hardly believe that out of our first batch of dairy kids, we’ve got four little billy goats.  It just goes to show that with goats, you might never know what to...

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Video ~ Meet the Sugarplums

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Meet the Sugarplums as they introduce themselves one by one. Annie, Holly, Moon and Heidi. Leah is still busy with her breakfast after being milked, but Mango and Star are always ready to ham it up for the camera. [hdplay id=22 ]

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Out and About

Posted by on Apr 5, 2009 in Goat Kid, Goatherd | Milkmaid, Spring, Visions of Sugarplums | 2 comments

I do believe that Spring has sprung. We have had a couple of nice rain showers, and the trees have put their leaves on. We’ve got a bit of grass starting as well, so I hope we get more rain before it dries up! Little Mango finally beat her pinkeye, and has been spending her days outside with the dairy goats. She and Star get along very well, and enjoy playing together. Mango is a busy little helper, and even helped JW and I plant our vegetable garden by prancing down each row leaving tiny hoofprints. She trots along behind me when I go out to check the little ones in the main herd as well. And, as a testament to Leah’s good milk, she is every bit as big as both of her brothers. She’s a real beauty, with the dark Nubian lines running along her head over her eyes, and she also has spots on her ears and the back of her head. She’s got nice long dairy legs and a fine-ish head. If all of Jack’s daughters look like this, I’ll be on cloud nine! Good thing it’s a girl or I’d have a hard time getting rid of her. This one I get to keep! We had one loss of Pinta’s tiny black and white twin boy. He was very weak at birth, and was gaining strength quite slowly. During the night, Pinta got up and left him alone, and he died the next day. I’m not sure what was wrong with him exactly, but the nanny goats always seem to know, and will often leave a sick kid even before the goatherd realizes something is wrong. Sad to be sure, but we do have eight healthy kids on the ground, and a few more does yet to give birth. Pinta’s other kid is a funny little fellow. I’m still not quite sure what his ears are going to do. The rest of the kids have the long Nubian-type ears, but his can’t seem to make up their mind! They are shorter, like Pinta, but then flop down just at the tip. The two sets of twins that were born with a day of each other can often be found sleeping together in a pile. When they awake ready to eat, it can be quite entertaining to see all four of them running straight for the same nanny. To the dismay, of course, of the nanny in question! I am sure that they will all straighten out as they go. The new Spring growth also gave an opportunity to browse trees in the big pasture. We won’t turn the goats out full-time until their kids are a big bigger, but it is a nice way to spend an evening by walking with them through the fields. Even the dogs join us and help to keep...

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The Christmas Sweater

Posted by on Dec 23, 2008 in Dairy Goat, Goat Kid, Goatherd | Milkmaid, Visions of Sugarplums, Winter | Comments Off on The Christmas Sweater

Well, a bit of bad news about the new twins, as I lost the little boy at barely three days old. He was weak at birth, and could not stand right away, although he certainly could call out and was at least able to scramble and scoot around. I helped several times during the first day to hold him and help him to nurse. I think his downfall was catching a chill that night, as we were still very cold and actually ended up with a heavy fog. He improved quite a bit on that second day when I brought him inside to warm him by the heater. We even had a little practice standing up that evening. He was pretty sure he could just walk right out the door! I was heartbroken on Thursday morning though, to find I had lost him in the night. Leah is doing an excellent job as a mama, very attentive and understandably protective. She did figure out quickly how to stand still while the little ones ate! She is nursing the baby girl, who is already growing by leaps and bounds. She really is a stinker, and too cute for words. We are calling her Star of Bethlehem, (aka Rooter Tooter Motor Scooter…) And, since we have had another shot of freezing temperatures, her good ol’ Granny Goat (yes, that would be me…) has fashioned a little sweater for her from a woolen stocking cap. What prancing girl wouldn’t be as proud as Star is of her new red Christmas sweater? Certainly not to be outdone, Annie is in high style as she is borrowing JW’s Carhartt vest to ward off the shivers. And, as I am sure that you all are amused, and some may even be in doubt as to my talents as a Milk Maid… A couple of pictures of Granny Goat in action, with little Star ever-present to advise and assist. Half a quart morning and evening! Not too shabby, considering I only milk out one side of her udder. The other side is all for the little shining...

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