Boer-cross Doelings – SOLD


Please excuse our mess! You might notice that the legs of the goats in some photos look black. This is a sticky tar from Curlycup Gumweed in the fields that sometimes is stuck in their hair, but it does wear off. 😉

2010 Yearling Does

These pretty girls are from Jack’s first crop of kids.  I can’t WAIT to see what they will bring next year. They will be two years old when they have their first kids. It is my hope that this additional time will be a benefit to their maternity, both physically and mentally.  I doubt they’ll […]

Autumn Portraits ~ 2009

As the days grow shorter and we head into another Winter, it is like looking at a new herd of goats with the little ones grown into healthy weanlings, and youngsters maturing into adults. The wonderful crop of nutritious mesquite beans put a nice finish on all of the stock in time for late summer […]

Video ~ Meet the Sugarplums

Meet the Sugarplums as they introduce themselves one by one. Annie, Holly, Moon and Heidi. Leah is still busy with her breakfast after being milked, but Mango and Star are always ready to ham it up for the camera.