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Marie’s Buckling ~ 2009

Posted by on Apr 29, 2009 in Boer Goat, Goat Kid, Spring | Comments Off on Marie’s Buckling ~ 2009

Marie proved today that there can be a huge difference between the small Spanish kids and a big Boer kid.  Being a big girl herself, it would be no surprise for her kid to have some good size, but this little guy is a monster!  He is easily as big as a newborn set of the Spanish twins combined! Poor Marie began to lie down and push, but then started yelling and then get back up again.  She went on, repeating this for an hour when I began to think that something was wrong like a breach, or two kids trying to come at once.  I was trying to figure out how in the world I could help her – by myself of course – going over in my head the anatomy of the birth canal and how to untangle potentially four to six legs and two or three noses…   Then she really kicked it up a notch and pushed that gigantic head out.  Uugghh, even I was worn out when he finally came. He’s a beautiful little boy, with big bones like his mama and looks just like her!  It’s really a gift watching these first-timers with a newborn.  So much soft and gentle talking to their new little ones, with a look of pure amazement on their own young...

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Milkin’ Honey

Posted by on Apr 12, 2009 in Boer Goat, Goatherd | Milkmaid, Spring | 2 comments

How many goats is too many?  I guess that too many goats means you aren’t eating enough goat!  Well, we don’t have too many quite yet… Since we were so happy with the two new girls that we bought last weekend, we were even more excited to be able to go back to bring home a few more!  Most of our herd so far consists of Spanish and Dairy goats, but the Boer-type are the most popular for meat production.  They don’t necessarily taste any different, but they do grow more quickly and have a greater muscle mass.  This was a great opportunity to bring in some more nice Boer gals. Another yearling doe due to have her first kids in May like Rosie and Roxy, Marie can sure let out a wail.  If there is one thing that most of our goats are NOT, it is quiet! Donna, the gal with the extra-long ears and painted legs, came along with her twin daughters.  They sure are big stout girls!  Without enough rain in time for our usual Spring wildflowers, they’ve been dubbed Daisy and Violet so we can say we’ve got a few petals around.  I think that, in addition to her beautiful frame and udder, Donna is such a pretty goat.  I can honestly say she’s the main goat I wanted to go back and get on this trip! If anybody ever tells me that a goat couldn’t possibly have a personality, I will introduce them to our Honey first.  Raised as a little girl’s 4H project, Honey has undoubtedly seen and heard a lot of things.  Her voice carries a great distance, and she is every bit as big as our Leah.  Her head is so broad and long that it looks more suited to a small horse!  I do declare that when they meet it will be a clash of the titans.  They are both of the mind that they are herd queen, and as we go from Spring into Summer all of the goats will be grazing the fields together.  I’m sure they will work something out, as there is plenty of room for them both. As much as Honey is sure to have seen and done as a show goat, not much phases her.  She raised triplets this year, and was beginning to dry off her milk when we brought her home.  I though that she might appreciate my relieving what was there, and asked JW to hold her while I began to go about milking this gal.  She just put her head in the feed bucket to eat while I milked, and acted like we had been doing it every morning for quite some time.  What a way to begin Easter Morning…  Milkin’ Honey! Honey will be one of the first to greet you as you go into the field, and enjoys walking along and visiting with you wherever you might go.  I have noticed that she also takes to babysitting kids in the pasture.  The other nannies will do it to an extent, but it is more by default that their kids are playing with another’s.  If Honey finds them though, sometimes she will just stay with them for a while.  She is quite a treat to meet, and I think she is going to fit in here...

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