• Marie’s Buckling ~ 2009

    Marie proved today that there can be a huge difference between the small Spanish kids and a big Boer kid.  Being a big girl herself, it would be no surprise for her kid to have some good size, but this little guy is a monster!  He is easily as big as a newborn set of the Spanish twins combined!

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  • Milkin’ Honey

    How many goats is too many?  I guess that too many goats means you aren't eating enough goat!  Well, we don't have too many quite yet... Since we were so happy with the two new girls that we bought last weekend, we were even more excited to be able to go back to bring home a few more!  Most of our herd so far consists of Spanish and Dairy goats, but the Boer-type are the most popular for meat production.  They don't necessarily taste any different, but they do grow more quickly and have a greater muscle mass.  This was a great opportunity to bring in some more nice Boer gals.

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