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Ag Secretary Vilsack to request comments from producers about NAIS

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AGRICULTURE SECRETARY VILSACK SEEKS DIALOGUE WITH PRODUCERS AND STAKEHOLDERS ON NATIONAL ANIMAL IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM WASHINGTON, April 15, 2009–Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack today held a roundtable discussion with a variety of stakeholders representing the full spectrum of views on the National Animal Identification System (NAIS). The event kicks off a listening tour to gather feedback and input that will assist the Secretary in making decisions about the future direction of animal identification and traceability in the United States. “Much work has been done over the past five years to engage producers in developing an animal identification system that they could support,” said Vilsack. “However, many of the issues and concerns that were initially raised by producers, such as the cost, impact on small farmers, privacy and confidentiality and liability, continue to cause debate. In the spirit of President Obama’s call for transparency in government, now is the time to have frank and open conversations about NAIS. We need to work collaboratively to resolve concerns and move forward with animal traceability.” USDA is seeking to engage stakeholders in an effort to hear not only their concerns but potential or feasible solutions to those concerns. The listening tour will seek input from communities throughout the country. As details for the tour are finalized, the information will be announced publicly and posted to the APHIS Web site at In the coming weeks, USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) will also be publishing a notice in the Federal Register to request input. Producers and stakeholders will be notified when to visit to provide their suggestions and comments, or they can access the site through the APHIS NAIS Web site. “I recognize many groups have provided input into the system previously,” said Vilsack, “but we know more today what kind of system will work, than when NAIS was first envisioned. And, I encourage stakeholders–both small and large–to embrace this opportunity to tell us what kind of system they feel would work and to talk about solutions. Over the coming months it will be my goal to personally dialogue with as many as I can–to hear firsthand how we can work together to develop a system that everyone can support.” In 2004, APHIS began implementing NAIS, an animal traceability system that would enable producers and animal health officials to respond quickly and effectively to animal disease events in the United...

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Persecution by Congress Against the American Farmer

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US Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, Texas US Senator John Cornyn, Texas US Senator Tom Harkin, Senate Committee on Agriculture US Senator Saxby Chambliss, Senate Committee on Agriculture US Congressman Henry Cuellar, Texas District 28 US Congressman Collin Peterson, House Committee on Agriculture US Congressman Frank Lucas, House Committee on Agriculture Texas Senator Judith Zaffirini, District 21 Texas Senator Craig Estes, Senate Committee on Agriculture & Rural Affairs Texas Senator Carlos Uresti, Senate Committee on Agriculture & Rural Affairs Texas Representative Edmund Kuempel, District 44 Texas Representative Yvonne Gonzalez Toureilles, House Committee on Agriculture & Livestock Texas Representative Charles Anderson, House Committee on Agriculture & Livestock ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am writing this letter to voice my strong opposition against several pieces of legislation that are making their way around the halls of Congress. There has been much of late in the activities of our United States Federal Government to leave a bad taste in the mouth of every American who works hard, only to see our money spent in such wasteful and irresponsible ways. Specifically, I will now refer to the following: H.R.759, H.R.875, H.R.814, S.425. I list them here in brief, and will name them individually at the end of my letter, for your reference. I find the content of this current legislation to be an insult of the highest degree to the intelligence, sovereignty and privacy of the citizens of this country. In short, your arrogant desire to control food production on the private land of your citizens would make such activity obscenely expensive and subject to wasteful and unnecessary regulation. With the broad brush that seems to be used in all of these bills and resolutions, the small local farmer will be painted with the very same regulations as the multi-national processors and corporations. These regulations include such nonsense as minimum required levels of fertilizer to be used on produce, and radio ID microchip tracking of all livestock movement. Furthermore, there are requirements for entire new federal agencies to be created with the purpose of inspecting the private properties of the farmers, as well as the holding them accountable to the same level of scrutiny as commercial plants and facilities. I want you to know who I am so that you may know who you should be representing as a taxpayer and constituent, rather than the special interests of so many corporations to who seem to have their hands firmly in your pocket. Farmers are not Monsanto, Cargill, and the various corporations that send their representatives to politicians to spin their lies and whisper in their ear for a favor. Farmers are the people who rise and set with the sun to care for their families and their livestock, and to be stewards of the land. I live in a small town on the rural outskirts of one of the largest cities in the State of Texas. My husband and I work for local individuals, and we raise goats for meat and milk. We also keep chickens for fresh eggs, and a garden for produce. Many other people in the area also have livestock and gardens, and we always enjoy a visit with friends when we go to purchase from their harvest. There are many bustling farmer’s markets and stands in the surrounding areas, and Community Supported Agriculture is certainly on the rise with more and more people looking for raw and whole foods with which to fill their larder. All year round there are festivals and fairs celebrating local foods and harvest. The proposed regulations will effectively shut out this segment of the community. Friends and neighbors...

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