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Autumn Portraits ~ 2009

Posted by on Nov 17, 2009 in Autumn, Boer Goat, Dairy Goat, Visions of Sugarplums | 2 comments

As the days grow shorter and we head into another Winter, it is like looking at a new herd of goats with the little ones grown into healthy weanlings, and youngsters maturing into adults. The wonderful crop of nutritious mesquite beans put a nice finish on all of the stock in time for late summer rains to remind us what green grass looks like. Foster-sisters Star and Mango Pango are nearing their one-year birthdays.  Star will be one year just a week before Christmas, and Mango has now turned nine months. Annie has grown quite a bit in her third year, although goatasaurus daughter Heidi, is now beyond her in height and depth. Approaching two years old in April, Heidi’s horns are shaped like long scimitars, definitely reminiscent of her Saanen side. Moon is maturing into a beautiful girl with her angular dairy build and her traditional Saanen beard. We can hardly wait to see her Saanubian kids by Jack! Beautiful Kismet joined our Sugarplums most recently in September. Her beautiful face and large frame are a welcome addition to our Dairy girls, and she has become an old pro very quickly in grazing the woods and fields with the main herd. Donna and the rest of the Boer and Spanish does keep their hooves well-trimmed through constant traveling, and they have done an excellent job at trimming the undergrowth in the thickest woods on the property. The difference they have made is amazing. It is nice to have so much natural browse for them, rather than all grass pasture which would not well-suit their digestion and habits. Jack Flash has also matured considerably as he approaches his second birthday in April. His winter coat comes in quite thick and long, and the hair on his neck actually stands up. Between the shaggy mane and his single-sided horn regrowth, I cannot help but continue to refer to him as our...

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