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Gandalf’s Triplets ~ 2010

Posted by on Mar 18, 2010 in Goat Kid, Spanish Goat, Spring | Comments Off on Gandalf’s Triplets ~ 2010

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Jack’s First Kids

Posted by on Feb 24, 2009 in Boer Goat, Dairy Goat, Goat Kid, Winter | 5 comments

After wondering just how big a pregnant goat could possibly get, Quatro delivered triplets on February 17.  Jack’s first kids! Well, the triplets have had a big time this first week.  The official count is two boys (the black and white and one red-head) and one girl (the other red-head.)  That little painted fellow was quite a surprise, and JW said it looks like we have two goats and one Holstein calf!  The red-heads have spots as well, and look like they have little dark thumbprints all over their heads and ears.  The little girl has a black nose that almost makes her look like a little beagle puppy.  They are so all tiny, and I’ll bet the little girl isn’t more than about 4 or 5 pounds.  The boys will be listed for sale, and we will determine which girls will be kept once we see how many we have this Spring. Quatro, the busy mama, must surely be glad to have that load out from inside and safely on the ground.  She did a fantastic job of getting them all cleaned and dried the first night, and we helped get them into the goat shed where they could grow just a bit before being completely out in the world.  A low wall partitioning one end kept the little ones in, while leaving Quatro free access to come and go as she pleased.  She spent most of her days out in the field with the rest of the herd, making trips several times a day to feed the hungry little group. It didn’t take too many days, however, for those long legged youngsters to figure out how – more or less – to jump up and fall over the wall to follow her out into the sunshine.  At not quite a week old, Quatro proudly led her triplets out in a prancing parade.  What patience she has!  With only two “feeding stations” the little ones must take turns at eating.  They are all so eager to be first, that it sometimes appears that she really is nursing all three.  In spite of the wiggling and pushing and shoving, she stands quietly chewing her cud until all three kids have had their fill. Once they have eaten, there is far too much playing to be done to waste time napping right away.  Quatro finds a spot to lie down, and immediately all three kids jump on top of her and practice climbing and jumping and leaping into the air.  Since this is an after-meal activity, I refer to it as “making milkshakes.”  I just cannot imagine all of that running and silliness on a full stomach! Blue has been beside himself with the knowledge that there were new kids in the shed that he could not see.  He spent quite a bit of time sitting in the corner of the yard closest to them listening for their calls.  I brought him in for a supervised visit, holding his collar, to let him see them and smell them and take inventory.  His big moment came though, when Quatro brought them to the fence herself and seemingly introduced them to him.  I was surprised, as I really would not have expected her to do that.  In general, the goats tolerate him, but they have never really shown any sort of social behavior like that.  It was very sweet, and I am sure that it made Blue’s day. …………….....

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