• Out and About

    I do believe that Spring has sprung. We have had a couple of nice rain showers, and the trees have put their leaves on. We've got a bit of grass starting as well, so I hope we get more rain before it dries up! Little Mango finally beat her pinkeye, and has been spending her days outside with the dairy goats. She and Star get along very well, and enjoy playing together. Mango is a busy little helper, and even helped JW and I plant our vegetable garden by prancing down each row leaving tiny hoofprints. She trots along behind me when I go out to check the little ones in the main herd as well. And, as a testament to Leah's good milk, she is every bit as big as both of her brothers. She’s a real beauty, with the dark Nubian lines running along her head over her eyes, and she also has spots on her ears and the back of her head. She’s got nice long dairy legs and a fine-ish head. If all of Jack’s daughters look like this, I’ll be on cloud nine! Good thing it’s a girl or I’d have a hard time getting rid of her. This one I get to keep!

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  • Utah’s Twins ~ 2009

    Early this morning, Utah delivered beautiful twins in the pasture.  By the time the sun came over the horizon, she had them cleaned, dried, fed, and rested. What amazing colors!  The boy is a handsome bay red with black points and a dorsal stripe.  The little girl is a treat with a black base coat, red points, and spots on top of spots!

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