Market Does

Our market does are primarily half-Nubian and of Spanish or Boer type to bring hardiness to their offspring. We also have percentage Boers for meatier market goats.  We may have three to four dozen in the herd at a time so here are some examples of our does, most are sired by either our Nubian buck or our Boer buck.  We generally have young does like these available for sale in May and September, we may also have yearling or bred does does available in January and February.  Please visit our Sale page or sign up for updates to inquire about availability.

Half Nubian Half Boer doe goat yearling

Hyacinth (half Nubian)

Half Nubian Spanish doe goat two-year old

Laurel (half Nubian)

Half Nubian Spanish goat two-year old

Camo (half Nubian)

Half Nubian Spanish goat two-year old

Liz at two years old (half Nubian)

Boer doe two-year old, first freshener


Boer doe

Olivia (half Snubian) and Cricket (half Nubian) at two years old.

Half Nubian Boer doe yearling goat

Roxy (half Nubian)

Boer doe


Boer Saanen cross doe goat

Olivia (half Snubian)

Junior Does

Half Nubian doeling six months old

Cricket at six months (half Nubian)

Boer doeling six months old


Half SaaNubian Boer doeling seven months old

Olivia at seven months (half Snubian)

Half Nubian Spanish doe yearling goat

Okra (half Nubian)

Boer doe twin yearlings

Panda and Vivian

Boer doeling at 16 months


Boer doeling goat


Nubian Spanish cross yearling doe dairy goat

Seven (half Nubian)

Nubian doe and her kid grazing near a stock tank

Spanish goats and Brangus heifers in green Bermuda grass

Spanish Goats grazing in Texas wildflowers

Spanish Goats grazing the bounty of Spring