You can just never stop learning about goats. Here are some of my favorite resources for information and for supplies.

A Healthy Goat is a Happy Goat

Kat Drovdahl, Fir Meadow LLC

This is where we source the herbal supplements that we use for our goats (and ourselves!) including the herbal wormers that we currently use in the dairy goats. Kat Drovdahl has many years of extensive training and is a certified Master Herbalist, she is also the owner of an outstanding herd of dairy goats with multiple record-holders. If you are looking for information to learn more about using herbs with your goats, I cannot recommend her book highly enough. If you are looking for a source of high-quality supplements, you can find the link to her online store from this site.

Holistic Goats

This is a list whereby all who are interested in healing with herbs and natural methods can voice their opinions and share their views. The predominant theme is “Herbal Remedies” & “Natural Healing” for your goats. We welcome the discussion of other animals but the list is primarily directed at alternatives or supplementing for your caprine friends. This is for seeking other ways, ie.” Alternatives and/or supplementation to conventional medicine for those who would like to seek other methods of naturally raising their stock. This list is not an all natural list. This lists discusses conventional approaches with/or along with Holistic approaches to treating your animals.

Totally Natural Goats

This site is for those who are interested in treating their goats naturally (herbs, homeopathics, vitamins, minerals, Biodynamic farming, Dr. Hulda Clark’s methods, etc.) – no drugs (man-made chemicals) will be discussed here. Please feel free to ask questions on this list, it is here as a tool to help you treat your herd in a natural way. This list is for all breeds of goats.

Fias Co Farm

This site houses an amazing amount of information all provided by one great gal with a multitude of information on the care and keeping of dairy goats, with an emphasis on a natural and humane approach. These pages contain information on all aspects of goat raising and goat care including: health & husbandry, feeding, medications, wormers & worming, natural, herbal & holistic health care, breeding, kidding, milking, behavior, how-to instructions, free downloads, and much more.

Organic Fodder Machine

This amazing system allows you to grow your own organic fodder for your livestock – or for yourself! – by sprouting healthy grains like wheat and barley. Like having a beautiful pasture in a small space, it is possible to grow up to 50 pounds of feed per day! Imagine the cost savings and increased nutrition by sprouting that sack of grain, rather than feeding it.

Learn About Goats

Dairy Goat Journal

Information, ideas, and insights for everyone who raises, manages, or just loves goats.

Biology of the Goat

A website devoted to the interesting and often unique biology of the goat. Here you can find animations, articles and illustrations to help you learn more about your goat.

Goat Color Genetics Explained, Dr. Phil Sponenberg

Genetics of Goat Color, Dr. Phil Sponenberg

Goat color is a difficult thing to predict, and is identified more by coat pattern than by the color itself.  Thankfully, there is a fellow who has spent considerable time in researching the patterns and genetics of color patterns.  Dr. Philip Sponenberg of the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine has written many articles that can be viewed at the Colored Angora Goat Breeder’s Association.

Learn About Goat Milk

A Campaign for Real Milk

Raw Goat Milk vs. Pasteurized Cow Milk

Online Goat Supplies

Hoegger Goat Supply

Providing quality products for goat and small farm owners since 1935.

Texas Dairy Goat Breeders

Galloping Winds Ranch

The wonderful goat ranch in Florence, Texas where we purchased our Nubian buck, Jack. Thank you to Teresa and Rob!

Buttercup Acres

Jack’s dam-line champion milking bloodlines stem from some of the outstanding stock at this farm in East Texas.