Market Does for Sale – ALL SOLD

Okra, half Spanish, daughter of Nubian buck, Jack.

For your consideration, we have four does available for sale. All four of these does were born here at our farm and sired by our bucks. Okra is a half Spanish, daughter of the Nubian buck, Jack. Okra was born February 8, 2011 and has delivered and raised two sets of twin kids. She is […]

Diabac – Diarrhea Remedy with Essential Oils

I wanted to share some information about this product that I just came across. A good friend who works in a vet clinic in Wyoming sent me a couple of bottles of this a while back, and I’ve just had the opportunity to use it. They have a number of clients up there who use […]

Auntie Weaner

We have expanded our herd to include two more dairy goats – another Nubian and a Saanen. The creamy little Nubian, Holly Golightly, is so petite that at nine weeks she looks just like Heidi did at about two weeks! The Saanen, Moon, is bright white and with her short upright ears, looks like a […]

Jack Flash

Jackaroo – Australian term for a young ranch manager in training. Well, research has informed me that in order to actually be in the business of raising goats, one needs to have both girls AND boys. So, we welcomed our first billy goat to Sugarplum Dairy! Jack Flash comes to us from strong Nubian dairy […]