The Sugarplum and the Field Captain

I suppose that you could say our kidding season for 2011 was fast and furious.  The first twins arrived just at the end of January with a brisk freeze to send them straight into the house to spend the night.  Less than a week later, we were facing a forecast of several nights in the […]

Charlotte’s Twins ~ 2010

Video ~ Charlotte, the Beer Drinking Goat

We found out by accident that Charlotte likes beer when she stood on the fence and pestered JW until she could reach the bottle. She is quite demanding, and tries to convince him to share whenever she sees a beer. Don’t walk out to the pasture with a cold one!

Charlotte’s Easter Eggs ~ 2009

Charlotte watched the new goats arrive with an air of indignation.  It was as if she thought attention was being drawn away from her!  Hmmm…  Now that I think of it, Charlotte watches MOST things like that, seemingly calculating how to make herself the center of attention.