• Jack Flash, Nubian buck goat

    Jack Flash – Registered Nubian Buck – SOLD

    We have been very pleased with Jack as a sire for foundation stock. Jack is a Nubian, and adds a bit of "flash" with his beautifully marked coat. Originally developed in England, the Nubian goat has traditionally been used as a dual purpose breed for both milk and meat.  We have retained many of Jack's daughters as our foundation does, and have approximately 12 daughters and 10 granddaughters from him. 

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  • Boys of Fall ~ 2010

    The goats are so lovely going into Autumn, it's my favorite time of the year.  Our original Spanish nannies are settled in their third year here on the sandy hillside. Handsome Jack and AP no doubt look forward to being Kings of the Forest again soon with their does. I have to smile at these two billy goats, who became fast friends when they were turned out with each other last year. The younger bucks in the field are tolerated, but Jack and AP truly seem to enjoy each others' company. Oiva Joulipukki will certainly look his part this season shaking his scimitar horns as the Christmas Goat. His two spotted comrades, Leah and Heidi's bucklings, can also be seen on the For Sale page! Be sure to visit the Dairies page, to see updated glamour shots of the Sugarplums.

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  • Jack’s First Kids

    After wondering just how big a pregnant goat could possibly get, Quatro delivered triplets on February 17.  Jack's first kids! Well, the triplets have had a big time this first week.  The official count is two boys (the black and white and one red-head) and one girl (the other red-head.)  That little painted fellow was quite a surprise, and JW said it looks like we have two goats and one Holstein calf!  The red-heads have spots as well, and look like they have little dark thumbprints all over their heads and ears.  The little girl has a black nose that almost makes her look like a little beagle puppy.  They are so all tiny, and I'll bet the little girl isn't more than about 4 or 5 pounds.  The boys will be listed for sale, and we will determine which girls will be kept once we see how many we have this Spring.

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