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Pinta’s Twins ~ 2010

Posted by on Mar 18, 2010 in Goat Kid, Spanish Goat, Spring | Comments Off on Pinta’s Twins ~ 2010

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Out and About

Posted by on Apr 5, 2009 in Goat Kid, Goatherd | Milkmaid, Spring, Visions of Sugarplums | 2 comments

I do believe that Spring has sprung. We have had a couple of nice rain showers, and the trees have put their leaves on. We’ve got a bit of grass starting as well, so I hope we get more rain before it dries up! Little Mango finally beat her pinkeye, and has been spending her days outside with the dairy goats. She and Star get along very well, and enjoy playing together. Mango is a busy little helper, and even helped JW and I plant our vegetable garden by prancing down each row leaving tiny hoofprints. She trots along behind me when I go out to check the little ones in the main herd as well. And, as a testament to Leah’s good milk, she is every bit as big as both of her brothers. She’s a real beauty, with the dark Nubian lines running along her head over her eyes, and she also has spots on her ears and the back of her head. She’s got nice long dairy legs and a fine-ish head. If all of Jack’s daughters look like this, I’ll be on cloud nine! Good thing it’s a girl or I’d have a hard time getting rid of her. This one I get to keep! We had one loss of Pinta’s tiny black and white twin boy. He was very weak at birth, and was gaining strength quite slowly. During the night, Pinta got up and left him alone, and he died the next day. I’m not sure what was wrong with him exactly, but the nanny goats always seem to know, and will often leave a sick kid even before the goatherd realizes something is wrong. Sad to be sure, but we do have eight healthy kids on the ground, and a few more does yet to give birth. Pinta’s other kid is a funny little fellow. I’m still not quite sure what his ears are going to do. The rest of the kids have the long Nubian-type ears, but his can’t seem to make up their mind! They are shorter, like Pinta, but then flop down just at the tip. The two sets of twins that were born with a day of each other can often be found sleeping together in a pile. When they awake ready to eat, it can be quite entertaining to see all four of them running straight for the same nanny. To the dismay, of course, of the nanny in question! I am sure that they will all straighten out as they go. The new Spring growth also gave an opportunity to browse trees in the big pasture. We won’t turn the goats out full-time until their kids are a big bigger, but it is a nice way to spend an evening by walking with them through the fields. Even the dogs join us and help to keep...

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Video ~ Pinta Delivers Twins

Posted by on Mar 19, 2009 in Goat Video, Spanish Goat, Spring | Comments Off on Video ~ Pinta Delivers Twins

Pinta has a textbook delivery of her set of twins on a spring day. She talks to her new kids throughout the process, even when she is in hard labor. Some of the other goats in the herd are outside the shed calling to her as well. Notice how quiet she is until she actually smells the kid at about five minutes in. There is a brief break where I did stop the recording and wiped his nose with a rag. It was probably about eight minutes before she started delivering the second kid. All in all, about half-an-hour. My dairy first-timers haven’t seemed to want to be alone, and at least a couple were quite restless until I went out and sat down and they came and laid down next to me. One tried to get in my lap, but I convinced her that the hay would be much nicer. 😉 In the main herd, the doe wanders off to be by herself, and the other does may watch her walk away but they leave her alone. Some of them prefer the middle of the field, some prefer to go under a tree or inside the barn. I generally watch from a much greater distance, and they take care of it all. They are amazingly efficient; as they should be! My main role is to sit at the edge of the field and watch the sky for predatory birds until the kids are up and can move with mama. This very same doe, Pinta, nearly lost a tiny doe kid to a Caracara the year before this...

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Pinta’s Twins ~ 2009

Posted by on Mar 19, 2009 in Goat Kid, Spanish Goat, Spring | 1 comment

Pinta delivered a set of twin boys this afternoon. In vivid contrast to her solid white twins from last year, these boys are wildly spotted! As before, Pinta proved to be an excellent mother as she hummed and talked during delivery.  She certainly prefers to deliver under cover, and made great use of our recently built goat shed! I was excited to be able to capture her delivery on video, so be sure to look for it on the video...

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The Good Shepherd

Posted by on Apr 13, 2008 in Goat Kid, Goatherd | Milkmaid, Spanish Goat, Spring | Comments Off on The Good Shepherd

Sunday morning started out well enough, with sunshine, blue skies, and a nice Spring breeze. As we were working in the yard, I noticed that one of the goats was off by herself. Pinta certainly looked as though she was going into labor as she paced back and forth under the mesquite tree in the middle of the field. Not wanting to disturb her, I walked out to the pasture and kept a distance while I watched through binoculars. I am sure that anybody who saw me sitting out there wondered, “What is that crazy woman doing?” Not that it makes any difference to me! Pinta finally laid down on the ground and delivered the first kid. So tiny!!! When she began to clean it, I was amazed to see her roll it around in the dirt as well as licking it to dry it off. The tiny little fellow stood quickly to have it’s first milk. Then I got another surprise as Pinta laid back down and delivered an identical twin – both pure white! Once this second kid was on it’s feet and nursing I went back to the house to leave her in peace. She stayed under the tree for the remainder of the afternoon, watching and waiting for the herd to move back to the shed for the night. As the sun began to go down, I headed to the goat pen to bring the girls in. They came running, as they usually do for a feed bucket, and Pinta started out with her babies. She was about 30 yards out, when she turned and realized that one little one had not followed her. She called and called, but had no answer. Panic set in as she saw the other goats leave and she ran up the alley with just one baby. I was a fair distance still from the tree when I saw this unfold – asheaded toward the tree to retrieve the wayward youngster I saw a Mexican eagle land on the ground just inside the shade of the branches. I called out to JW at the front of the house and broke into a run. He had seen the eagle as well and was running across the yard. From the corner of my vision, I watched my husband LEAP OVER THE FENCE and run out into the field. Mind you, all of our fence is five feet high in net wire with barbed wire on top and bottom! As he reached it, he had placed one foot in a strand of the net, one hand on the top wire and vaulted over. As he ran into the field, the eagle took off. I’m sure he must have been disappointed, as there is no doubt in my mind that bird had been watching and waiting all afternoon from the large oak tree at the end of the field. I reached the tree – out of breath – and fell to my knees. There, snuggled against the trunk was the tiniest little treasure. Her little hooves are only the size of my thumb! I happened to have the camera in my pocket, as I had planned to take pictures when Pinta brought them in. I quickly took a photo of the little girl, still fast asleep, with an innocent smile on her tiny face. She never even knew that there had been any danger. I scooped her up and headed up to the night pen. As I neared the goats, I stooped to return the baby to her mother. As I placed her on...

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