Heidi’s Doeling ~ 2010

Halloween Day dawned bright and sunny for Heidi’s due date.  She was right on target last year, and looked to be headed that way this year too.  She had been patiently waiting these last few days, and looked much like a beached (but content) white whale chewing her cud in the shade of the hackberry […]

Moon’s Doeling ~ 2010

Woo hoo!  We did it!  Our first official full-blooded dairy goat doe kid.  With seven out of seven being born as bucklings this past Winter and Spring, I wondered when our first doeling would arrive.  In fact, I have actually heard from a goat-friend this year that some bucks can be known for throwing high […]

Oiva Joulupukki

One side of my family hails from Finland, and it is fun to note that Scandinavian Christmas traditions still carry a Yule Buck from ages past.  The Yule Buck (or Joulupukki in Finnish) is one of the oldest symbols of the Winter season, in part because Capricorn is the first moon of the new year. […]

Heidi’s Buckling ~ 2009

As the sun started to go down on a warm winter’s day, Heidi became restless and did not go inside with the other goats.  Moon had delivered her kid earlier in the day, and she and Heidi shared the same due date.  It looked as though Heidi would be only a few hours behind.